The Chevy SUV Sizes

2021 Chevy Traverse EXT driving on a dirt road


If you’re in the market for a new Chevy SUV, you may be wondering about the different Chevy SUV sizes. Chevrolet SUV sizes come in a wide range, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you on your drives in and around Royal Oak. Ready to find out which you prefer? Read this list compiled by Champion Hargreaves Chevrolet of all the Chevy SUV models by size and then contact us to schedule a time to see them for yourself!

The Chevy SUV Models by Size

Here’s a list of the Chevy SUV Models by size. Peruse the Chevrolet SUV sizes and find the one that best fits your lifestyle! 


The Chevy Trax is Chevy’s smallest SUV. It’s meant for those who want the agility of a sedan but the space of an SUV, and it thrives in urban environments. It can seat five comfortably and has a maximum cargo space of 48.4 cubic feet. It comes in at an overall length of 14 feet, allowing you to fit in almost any parking space in Madison Heights.


The Chevy Trailblazer is the next size up from the Chevy Trax. It is slightly larger, with a maximum cargo space of 54.4 cubic feet, but it also seats 5 people meaning the interior is slightly more spacious. It’s 14.5 feet long overall. 


The Chevy Equinox is one of Chevy’s most popular models. Aimed at smaller or growing families, it’s one of the smaller SUV crossovers. It’s cargo space maximum is 63.9 cubic feet, and it seats up to five. Plenty of space for most. Overall, it’s about 15.25 feet long, making it slightly smaller than the Blazer. 


The Chevy Blazer is one of Chevrolet’s most stylish SUVs. It has a decadent interior that seats up to five passengers. Its maximum cargo space is 64.2 cubic feet, and it’s just under 16 feet long, making it slightly more agile than the other SUVs.


The Chevy Traverse is Chevrolet’s midsize SUV. It’s meant for those who may need the extra hauling space, but want more agility and better fuel economy than the larger Chevy SUV sizes. It can seat a maximum of eight passengers, and has a maximum cargo space of 98.2 cubic feet. It’s 17 feet long overall. 


The Chevy Tahoe is the second to largest of the Chevy SUVs, and is meant for those who consistently need to haul a lot. It boasts 122.9 cubic feet of maximum cargo space, and comfortable seats seven with an option for an additional seat. It’s about 17.5 feet long overall. 


The Chevy Suburban is the largest of the Chevy SUVs, coming in at over 144 cubic feet of max cargo space! It can comfortably seat eight, and is just under 19 feet long overall. Warren drivers who don’t want to compromise on space ought to opt for the Suburban! 

Compare the Chevrolet SUV Sizes in Person at Champion Hargreaves Chevrolet!

Find out which of the Chevrolet SUV sizes you prefer by coming to Champion Hargreaves Chevrolet and checking them out yourself in person! Just come visit our Royal Oak dealership, and you’ll be able to browse our expansive inventory and take a few for a test drive! Make sure to check our new vehicle specials before you arrive and see if you can get a great deal!


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