Body Shop FAQ

Royal Oak Auto Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet of Royal Oak to repair my vehicle?

For decades Matthews-Hargreaves Chevrolet has provided the Metro Detroit area with exceptional customer service and repairs.

For as long as you own your vehicle we will back it with a limited warranty after restoring it back to its pre-loss condition. We ensure that your customer service experience is hassle free. We are all about building strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers and assure them their vehicle is in great hands.

How much will it cost and how long will you need my vehicle?

We fully understand all your concerns associated with vehicle repair costs. Our dealership works with numerous insurance providers across the nation. Our primary goal is to return your vehicle to its pre-existing condition as soon as possible. Every vehicle repair is processed on a case by case approach.

We put a heavy emphasis on our transparent pricing. Our certified technicians must disassemble your vehicle to understand the costs and length of repairs which allows us to eliminate a “guestimate” resolution. We will have the solution and repair process laid out entirely 24-48 hours after everything has been communicated with our estimators. Your estimator will then be able to advise you of the total cost as well as the timeframe needed to complete the repairs.

Being without your vehicle for an extended period of time is an inconvenient situation and we prioritize getting it back to you in the least possible amount of time.

Will Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet waive my deductible?

Your deductible is a part of your service that your insurance company will pay for. Your insurance company is the only entity authorized to waive your deductible. In many states, when the term “waive deductible” is determined, they are leaving a portion out of the repair process and not informing the customer directly. This allows them to “make up” for the amount that is covered.

Transparency is our number one objective at Matthew Hargreaves. Customers have his or her own decision to make about their vehicles repair. We want to offer transparency to help you make the best decision for you and your vehicle. There are insurance companies that are willing to offer an appearance allowance on minor cosmetic imperfections. The amount of the given allowance varies based on the cost of the parts and severity of the affected area of your vehicle. The money may be put towards your deductible amount if the customer finds themselves satisfied with the finish and fit the part in “as-in” condition.

What is considered a “Total Loss?”

Our top-notch facility allows almost every vehicle to get repair regardless if its luxury or severely damaged. There are strict regulations that can dictate the amount an insurance company may invest into your repairs. Depending on the severity of the damage, your vehicle may be considered a “loss”. This is dialogue your insurance company will communicate with you after a vehicle has been inspected by Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet.

Am I able to bring my vehicle to Champion Chevrolet Howell even if you are not on my pre-approved insurance list?

We accept all vehicles at Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet, regardless if we are your preapproved partner or not. Fortunately, we are able to work with all insurance companies. Within the Michigan State Law, there is a clause that doesn’t allow insurance companies from “steering” customers to specific repair facilities. This allows you to choose a repair facility you trust within any proximity you choose.

What is the difference between vehicle estimate and insurance company estimate?

Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet takes prides in our transparent pricing. If you happen to be shopping around to different repair facilities, you may find a different facility provides an a lot lower estimate for your vehicle’s repair. Those estimates do not include costs after the repair

It is a possibility that unforeseen costs are possible but very unlikely with our experienced repairs team. At Matthew Hargreaves we put in a lot of work on the front end to give you the most accurate estimate we can. We dissect your repair before we have our estimators give you the cost. Our thorough inspections allow us to give you the best estimate in town.

What if I happen to have problems after my vehicle is returned to me?

At Matthew Hargreaves Chevrolet we guarantee your repairs for as long as you own the vehicle. However, subsequent damage, abuse, and wear/tear are not covered under this warranty.

Our management will be able to explain your warranty in full. We ask you to please take your time and read your warranty careful. If you have any questions about your warranty our trained staff will be more than happy to help you.

Are you able to provide me a loaner vehicle while work is in progress?

At Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet we can help you find the best rental vehicle from our list of reputable car rental agencies. If you are in need of renting secondary means of transportation and do not have rental coverage, we will be able to offer rental assistance at the discretion of Matthew Hargreaves management.

We understand that finding a rental vehicle is stressful so our trained staff is always there to assist you. Please give us a call with any concerns you may have about your vehicle before bringing it into us. We want to make sure there is transparency in the repair/rental process. If your rental will be covered under your insurance we will be able to reserve a rental car for you for the day you are gong to drop off your vehicle. Some of our locations have their own rental vehicles on site.

Ask our management about the details of our free loaner program.

Will my car be the same after an accident?

At Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet we say YES! We have the highest standard for repairing and replacing damaged parts on your vehicle. Our highly trained certified technicians will be able to tell you what parts need to be fixed and which ones needs to be replaced. Once our certified technicians have the parts they need, they will be able to restore your car back to new.

Will the paint colors match perfectly after my vehicle is fixed?

YES! At Matthew Hargreaves Chevrolet we have the best of the best. We have the best color matching system there is. Our paint mixtures will be able to mix up the perfect color for your vehicle. We mix our paint in house using BASF refinishing process that allows us to be able to match the paint to your specific vehicle every time. If you have any questions about the painting process feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to explain further.

If there is frame damage, will my vehicle perform the same?

ABSOLUTELY! Our ASE and ICAR certified technicians are one of a kind and use the state of the art equipment designed to restore your vehicle back to its pre loss condition. If your vehicle’s structure is compromised, Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet will properly and safely replace the affected structure. Whether your vehicle is full framed or conventional, there are many ways to realign and repair damaged areas. Each manufacturer has the ability to measure the damage to the structure and return your vehicle back to its pre loss condition.

Many vehicles today are bonded components used to create one structure. The reasoning for this is that the design allows for the impact to be diverted away from the passenger cabin to allow the least amount of impact on the passenger. These areas are repairable however, they should be serviced in sections. This allows the least amount of interruption on the vehicles structure. These procedures are performed while following all manufacturer guidelines to ensure your repair is achieved. At Matthew Hargreaves Chevrolet safety is our number one priority.