Common Financing Questions


  • How does being self employed affect me?
    Being self-employed is normally not a problem in most cases.
  • What if I have had a previous bankruptcy or repossession?
    We work with these sensitive type of situations. Our business is to help you establish your credit and get you into a vehicle you can afford.
  • What about if I do not have money to put down?
    We work with lenders that allow you to put zero down. Depending on your situation, we can figure out how to help you.
  • What if I am on Social Security or Disabled?
    Most of our lenders welcome customers that are on a fixed income.
  • How much income do I need to have?
    Minimum income varies with each financial institution.
  • Do you report to the major credit reporting agencies?
    The financial institutions we do business with all report to the credit reporting agency.
  • What if this is my first time buying?
    There are many programs at Matthew Hargreaves Chevrolet for first time buyers. What if my trade in amount due is more than it is worth?
  • What if my trade in amount due is more than it is worth?
    We work diligently with the bank to help you overcome negative equity. We can help you structure a deal to help your situation.
  • How do I buy a car after bankruptcy?
    If you are dealing with a bankruptcy situation, we have a bankruptcy expert with over 30 years experience!!!


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